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Up in the Air

Mavic Pro - Rowan Bradley Photography

For as long as I've been doing photography, I've dreamed of a floating, invisible camera. One that could get a view outside my own, not rooted to my physical limitations of ~6 feet from the ground. The world is a lot bigger than that, and I've always wanted to play with that perspective. This is the closest I've gotten. I recently picked up a drone and took the break in the weather to take it for a spin this afternoon. It's certainly not without limitations. Wind conditions, flying restrictions, overly curious or annoyed bystanders, how risky I want to be, as well as my own self-consciousness being "that guy with a drone" all make it a far cry from the floating invisible camera I've dreamed of. But it certainly brings a different perspective. Filing this as successful flight No. 2, getting much more comfortable being up in the air with a flying camera.