The Film Journal

The Film Journal is a notebook, pure and simple. More specifically, it's a notebook designed to be a part of your photography. Fill it with precise documentation of your exposures, f/stops, film used, lens used, ISO, location, and anything else photography related you can think of. All that sweet manual metadata. There's no way you're gonna remember that stuff. On the back there's a handy little guide for manual exposure just as a reminder. 

If you want you can use it as a journal while you're on your travels, of course. It'll do just as nicely. Every Film Journal has 32 lined pages made from 100% recycled paper, all produced with local materials right here in the U.S.A by people who care about what they do. 

We all know that things last when they're written down. So fill this little book up with everything from your silliest scribbles to your strongest held convictions, and of course, take note of your beautiful photographs. You've got 32 pages, go for it.

32 lined pages
3.5 x 5.5 inches
100% recycled paper
Made in the U.S.A

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